We speak human
Life on Mars
is an independent
advertising agency.
We build human connections
between brands and customers.
Monika Niechajewicz
Managing Director
Piotr Chrobot
Executive Creative Director
Brand & Creative
Through relentless researching
of our clients’ products and market
positioning, we identify opportunities,
distill them to insights, and find
new ways to communicate
with current and future consumers.
#data analysis & research
#customer journey
& Content
When marrying the unpredictable
with the critical filter of skeptical
consumer, we create communications
that not only breakthrough
and connect with audiences
but live and thrive in the real-time
realities they inhabit.
#art & copy
#cross channel design
& Optimisation
By keeping our goals clearly in view,
we craftily execute concepts,
meticulously implement them
with an attention to detail, and
apply real-time optimization,
to ensure a client’s metrics are
not only reached, but surpassed.
#global toolkits
#real time optimisation
The work
Central Europe Communication HUB
servicing 7 brands on 5 markets
as leading strategic and creative agency.
The work
Development of the new
brand positioning
and the winter campaign
featuring Kamil Stoch.
The work
Create and manage regional
communication for 50 markets,
from B2B to B2C,
as well as PR coordination.
We are not alone
Smart solutions through even smarter partnerships.
Together with our partner agencies within Brand New Galaxy,
we deliver smart business solutions transforming opportunities
from good to great.
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Our office is located at
Koneser Center
Zabkowska 27/31
03-736 Warszawa
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